AL, SC, and PA sit atop new system for field condition rankings

Mount Sidney, VA - A new system of ranking field conditions in the Eastern United States has been developed by veteran farm broadcaster Jeff Ishee. It is called the "Ishee Ranking" and will be published monthly.

"Thanks to farmers, extension agents and others we currently have an excellent system for reporting field conditions for individual crops," said Ishee. "There is, however, no formula for ranking states for overall field conditions concerning row crops and forages."

The goal, according to Ishee, is to provide a monthly snapshot of overall field conditions within his farm radio network coverage area which is the eastern United States. He will use data provided by USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service for the primary crops of corn and soybeans and will also include pasture conditions from each state.

"This is a simplistic, unsophisticated way to use hard data provided by the USDA's NASS to report that one state may be having a good month for field crops and forages while another state might not be doing so well," said Ishee. Only the top ten states in the eastern U.S. will be included in the monthly rankings which may be found at

Ishee produces eleven farm reports each day for 86 radio stations located across the eastern U.S.

Below is the inaugural report:

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