Alabama retains #1 spot for field condition rankings

Sept. 28, 2021 - September rains have been good for row crops and pastures in the eastern United States. The latest "Ishee Rankings" indicate soybeans in particular have done exceptionally well this growing season. The ranking published on September 27th found that 4 states in the eastern U.S. currently have soybeans rated at 99 percent in fair to excellent condition. Those states are Alabama, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Rains have also helped pasture conditions, especially in those areas that have cool season grasses. Armyworm activity, however, has been reported in some areas.

Overall crop conditions in the eastern U.S. continue to be favorable compared to previous years.

*NOTE: Corn is excluded from the latest report due to the fact that harvest of corn is now complete (or near complete) in many eastern states.

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