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Farm cash receipts up by more than $200 million in West Virginia

Source - USDA NASS

Charleston, West Virginia - The 2022 cash receipts from farm marketings for all agricultural commodities in West Virginia totaled 904,339,000 dollars, an increase of 206.3 million dollars from 2021. Receipts from marketing livestock and livestock products accounted for 79.0 percent of the State total. Cash receipts from crops accounted for 21.0 percent of the 2022 total.

The largest contributor to the agricultural marketings in the State continues to be poultry and eggs. Cash receipts from the poultry industry, which includes broilers, eggs, turkeys, and farm chickens, accounted for 49.0 percent of the State total. The second leading contributor was cattle and calves which accounted for 22.0 percent of the total in 2022.

Nationally, West Virginia ranked 26th for cash receipts from poultry and eggs. Broilers were the main contributor from poultry and eggs, accounting for 28.0 percent of cash receipts in the State, ranking 20th in the nation. Other highly ranked West Virginia commodities include farm chicken receipts at 12th in the nation, turkey receipts at 12th in the nation, and trout receipts at 16th in the nation.

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