Good weather brings bumper crop of peanuts in SC

The recent 2022 South Carolina Peanut Growers Meeting brought good news to farmers:

“Last year was a good year for peanuts,” Dell Cotton of the Peanut Growers Cooperative Marketing Association told the group in Santee, S.C. “We had a higher-than-average yield and the crop was excellent in terms of quality.”

Preliminary reports from the United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service in Columbia, South Carolina show 66,000 acres were harvested producing 227,200,000 pounds of peanuts in the state last year. Good weather conditions for peanut are touted as the main reason for production increase.

While production was up, so were costs. Nathan Smith, Clemson University Extension professor and agribusiness program team director, said these costs include paying more for inputs.

“Fuel prices were up over the previous year and fertilizer prices doubled,” Smith said. “With these increased prices, a lot of growers are looking at what they can cut to help save money.”

Crop insurance is one item growers should not cut from their budgets, Smith said, adding that the Clemson Extension Enterprise Budgets have been updated to help producers make better decisions.

Dan AncoDan Anco

As for this year’s crop, Clemson Extension peanut specialist Dan Anco suggested several top varieties including; Runner-type peanuts, FloRun 331, TUFRunner 297 and Georgia-16HO. Top Virginia-type peanut varieties include: Bailey, Bailey II and Walton. The Walton variety is comparable to Bailey II.

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