Hundreds of farms are being lost in some states - while other states, not so much

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Feb. 21, 2022 - A new report just published by the USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service indicates some states in the Eastern U.S. lost a lot of farmland last year – while other states, not so much.

For example, the states of Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Maryland and New York lost essentially no farms last year, and the amount of land on farms remained about the same. But there was a significant loss of farmland in other states east of the Mississippi River. Georgia lost 100 farms in 2021, while Kentucky lost 400 farms; Michigan lost 500 farms last year; Virginia lost 800 farms; and North Carolina lost 900 farming operations in 2021.

Industry analysts speculate there is a consolidation going on in some areas, with larger farms buying out smaller farms; while other farms are simply selling to developers while land prices are strong.

Overall, the United States lost about 7,000 farming operations in 2021.

PDF file of the report can be found in its entirety here>>

All data for this report was provided by the USDA’s NASS.

Samples of states with NO farm losses:

2020 2021

Pennsylvania farms 52,700 52,700

New York farms 33,400 33,400

Maryland farms 12,400 12,400

Tennessee farms 69,500 69,500

South Carolina farms 24,600 24,600

Massachusetts farms 7,200 7,200

Vermont farms 6,800 6,800

Delaware farms 2,300 2,300

Samples of states with SIGNIFICANT farm losses:

2020 2021 Farms lost

North Carolina 46,000 45,100 900

Virginia 42,300 41,500 800

Michigan 46,500 46,000 500

West Virginia 22,800 22,300 500

Kentucky 74,500 74,100 400

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