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Maryland TV show highlights agriculture

Maryland Farm & Harvest, a television series produced by Maryland Public Television, is now in its 11th season. The award-winning series seeks to tell "enlightening stories of the passionate men and women who work the land and grow our food." 

Hosted by Joanne Clendining, the most recent episode visits the Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association’s Steam and Gas Show in Talbot County, Maryland. Countless volunteers with the Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association participate in the popular event, which includes more than 12 buildings housing thousands of engines, machinery, tools, and collectibles.

The recent episode also features a young Maryland farmer who is literally spreading his love for farming through his seed dealership. The seed business gives him the opportunity to work with local farmers, but he also has a global impact - he's Vice Chairman of the U.S. Wheat Association and has traveled to South Africa, Europe, and Guatemala to represent U.S. wheat growers internationally.

Then, on the Farm To Skillet segment, where Chef Shalia Coburn gets tips at the Bethesda Farm Market for an Asian-influenced seafood dish.

Watch the full episode here>>

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