NC corn crop forecast to be down 33% from last year

RALEIGH, NC - Farmers in North Carolina have had a challenging year for growing crops. The corn crop for 2022 is expected to be down more than 30 percent from last year. Yield is now expected to amount to only 108 bushels per acre. As of August 15, 34 percent of the corn crop was rated in poor or very poor condition.

Total soybean production, however, is expected to be up by 1 percent from 2021.

Officials with the USDA's National Agriculture Statistics Service say they greatly appreciate the assistance of farmers in compiling this new data.

“We, in USDA/NASS recognize this is a hectic time of the year for farmers and want to express our sincere appreciation for their time in completing the monthly Agricultural Yield Survey,” said Dee Webb, North Carolina State Statistician. “It is during these times quality, reliable agricultural data are vital to assist farmers in their decision making, as well as providing vital data to organizations supporting NC agriculture to make informed decisions which directly affect farmers’ operations."

Corn for grain

• Yield estimate of 108 bushels per acre is down 41 bushels

from last year’s yield of 149 bushels per acre.

• Production forecast at 90.7 million bushels is down 33% from

the 134.8 million bushels produced last year.

• Harvested acres projected at 840,000 are down from the

905,000 acres harvested in 2021


• Yield estimate of 37 bushels per acre is down 3 bushels

from last year’s yield of 40 bushels.

• Production forecast at 66.2 million bushels is up 1% from

last year’s production of 65.6 million bushels.

• Harvested acres projected at 1.79 million acres are up

150,000 acres from last year.

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