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NY State now ranks 2nd in nation in certified organic acreage

ALBANY, NY – Results of the Certified Organic Survey released December 15 show that 1,407 New York farms had 331,000 certified organic acres which produced and sold $328 million in organic commodities in 2021, according to Donnie Fike, state statistician at USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, New York Field Office.

New York organic acreage ranks second nationally, behind California and sixth in sales, behind

California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Oregon.

The survey results show the following top commodity groups in organic sales for New York in


• Livestock and poultry products - $181 million, up 11%

• Crops - $116 million, up 10%

• Livestock and poultry - $31 million, up 3%

The 2021 Organic Survey, conducted in coordination with the USDA’s Risk Management

Agency (RMA) is a survey of all known U.S. farms and ranches with certified organic

production in 2021, as well as those transitioning into organic production. Producers must meet

the standards set out by the RMA’s National Organic Program and be certified compliant by an

approved agent of the program.

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