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Outstanding Young Farm Family named in Kentucky

Louisville, KY – Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) recently announced that Mark and Wesley Thomas of Hardin County have been selected as the 2022 Outstanding Young Farm Family. This annual award recognizes an individual or couple under the age of 36 who demonstrates strong farm management skills, KFB and community involvement and consistent financial growth through their farm operation.

The Thomas family has a deep family history in agriculture, and both Mark and Wesley were raised on farms. While Wesley is now also a Nurse Practitioner, Mark is fulfilling his lifelong dream. “From an early age I have always been dedicated to agriculture and the farm. I have never wanted to do anything but farm full time,” noted Mark.

With his parents, Mark and Wesley farm over 2,000 acres of corn, soybeans, hay, beef cattle and sweet corn. They also own an operation that consists of 822 acres of row crops as well as grain storage and handling equipment.

Advocating for agriculture is important to the Thomas family. Mark noted that he has volunteered at school, church and community events to help paint agriculture in a positive light. Mark also uses social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook to share the day-to-day activities of life on the farm.

Mark and Wesley are always trying to find ways to expand their farming operation, noting that while it’s hard to expand in their area , they also believe “that even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just stand there.”

The couple has been involved in Farm Bureau at the local, state and national level – as well as several other ag-related organizations – in a variety of ways. Mark has served as a leader for the State Young Farmer Association and has served on the County Cattlemen’s Board of Directors. Wesley has served on the County Farm to Table Dinner Committee.

Now that the Thomas’ daughter is in school, they plan on being heavily involved in any extra curriculars she chooses while instilling the importance of farm life. “Now that we have a child, our number one priority is raising her to be responsible young lady with a respect for agriculture and her community,” the couple said.

Notably, Daniel and Kristan Wright of Jefferson County placed second in the KFB OYFF competition, and Brandon and Taylor Henning of Breckinridge County placed third.

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