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Report published on veterinary shortage in KY

Frankfort, KY - A new report has just been published addressing the shortage of large animal and food animal veterinarians in Kentucky.

In brief, the report states:

"For the past nine months, the Veterinary Shortage Working Group (VSWG) members, along with others serving on the committees, have diligently worked to identify and develop solutions to address the large and food animal veterinarian shortage. As you will find, there is not one or two simple answers. It will take many approaches, programs, and organizations, along with time, to address a problem that has been developing for more than a decade.

Kentucky is not alone in this problem. In 2021, USDA identified more than 500 counties in the U.S. as veterinarian shortage areas.

The VSWG created four committees to look at a particular period in the life of a veterinarian:

  • Developing a strong pipeline of Kentucky students to veterinary school;

  • Opportunities in veterinary school, what should Kentucky focus on to assist;

  • From veterinary school to rural/large animal practice, Kentucky’s role; and

  • Keeping veterinarians in rural/large animal practice, what can we do.

The information and recommendations in this report come from each of those four committees.

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