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Three states east of the Mississippi set new records for corn yield in '23

Source: USDA NASS report

Three states east of the Mississippi River had record corn yields in 2023. Indiana, Ohio, and South Carolina all saw yields higher than they had ever seen before.

Corn growers in Indiana brought in a statewide average of 203 bushels per acre, which is more than 6 % higher than the previous year. Farmers in Ohio saw an average yield of 198 bushels per acre in 2023, up more than 5 % from 2022. Corn growers in South Carolina recorded an average of 150 bushels per acre, up by 23 % from 2022.

Sporadic weather conditions in some regions prevented desirable yields. An untimely spring and fall drought in Virginia caused corn production to go down by 6 % from the previous year. In West Virginia, yields were down 13 % from 2022.

Delaware and Kentucky seemed to be in the “sweet spot" in 2023, with corn growers in the “First State” averaging 189 bpa and growers in the “Bluegrass State” averaging 185 bpa.

For the most part, 2023 was an exceptional year for corn growers east of the Mississippi River.  

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