Virginia corn growers expect much larger harvest this fall

RICHMOND, VA - Corn production in Virginia is now forecast at 60.0 million bushels, up 17% from the previous crop. Yield was estimated at 150 bushels per acre, up 28 bushels from the 2020 level. Acres for harvest as grain were estimated at 400,000 acres, down 20,000 acres from 2020. The U.S. corn production was forecast at 14.8 billion bushels, up 4% from 2020. Based on conditions as of August 1, yields are expected to average 174.6 bushels per acre, up 2.6 bushels from 2020. Area harvested for grain is forecast at 84.5 million acres, unchanged from the June forecast but up 2% from 2020.

Soybean production for Virginia is forecast at 26.2 million bushels, increased 12% from 2020. Yield was estimated at 43.0 bushels per acre, up 1.0 bushels from a year ago. U.S. soybean production was forecast at 4.34 billion bushels, up 5% from last year. Based on August 1 conditions, yields are expected to average 50.0 bushels per acre, down 0.2 bushels from last year. Area for harvest is forecast at 86.7 million acres, unchanged from June but up 5% from 2020.

Virginia farmers expect to harvest 8.13 million bushels of winter wheat during 2021. The expected crop for 2021 would be up 4% from the previous year. Growers expect a yield of 65.0 bushels per acre, up 5.0 bushels from 2020 and up 2.0 bushels from July. Farmers expect to harvest 125,000 acres for grain. Winter wheat production for the Nation was forecast at 1.32 billion bushels, up 13% from 2020. The United States yield is forecast at 51.8 bushels per acre, down 1.8 bushel from last month and up 0.9 bushels from last year. The expected area to be harvested for grain or seed totals 25.4 million acres, up 11% from last year.

Barley producers in Virginia forecast harvesting 729,000 bushels for 2021, up 65% from last year. Acres expected to be harvested for grain total 9,000 acres, up 2,000 from last year. Producers expect a yield of 81.0 bushels per acre, down 2.0 from last month but up 18.0 bushel from 2020. U. S. production is expected to total 105.6 million bushels, down 36% from last year. Acres harvested is forecast at 2.04 million acres, down 4% from last year. Growers nationwide anticipate a yield of 51.6 bushels per acre, down 4.3 bushels from the July forecast but down 25.9 bushels from 2020.

Virginia cotton production is projected to be 198,000 bales, up 56% from last year. Cotton yields are forecast to average 1,068 pounds per acre, up 296 pounds per acre from the previous year. Producers expect to harvest 89,000 acres, up 10,000 acres from 2020. U.S. cotton production was forecast at 17.3 million bales, up 18% from 2020. Yields are forecast to average 800 pounds per acre, down 47 pounds from last year. Harvested acreage is estimated at 10.4 million acres, up 25% from the previous year.

Peanut farmers in Virginia anticipate harvesting 110 million pounds for 2021, down 1% from last year. Acres expected to be harvested total 25,000 acres, down 2,000 from last year. Producers expect a yield of 4,400 pounds per acre, up 300 pounds from 2020. U.S. peanut production was forecast at 6.64 billion pounds, up 8% from 2020. Yields are forecast to average 4,183 pounds per acre, up 387 pounds from last year. Harvested acreage is estimated at 1.59 billion acres, down 2% from the previous year.

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