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Virginia farmer Heath Cutrell tops National Corn Yield Contest for '22

Dec. 15 - A farmer from Chesapeake, Virginia recorded the highest yield in this year's National Corn Yield Contest, sponsored by the national Corn Growers Association. The National Corn Yield Contest is now in its 58th year and remains NCGA’s most popular program for members.

“Corn plays an incredibly important role in so many aspects of life in America and abroad,” said Lowell Neitzel, chair of NCGA’s Member and Consumer Engagement Action Team. “This contest offers a unique opportunity for all farmers to take part in the innovation and creativity that move our industry forward. Contest winners, at the national and state levels, find new ways to excel while using a variety of techniques. Ultimately, the data generated and insights found by farmers and input providers enable U.S. farmers to continue to meet the future demand for critical food, feed, fuel and fiber.”

The 27 national winners in 9 production categories had verified yields averaging 340.7245 bushels per acre, compared to the projected national average of 172.3 bushels per acre nationwide.

Heath A. Cutrell of Chesapeake, Virginia recorded a yield of 394.0485 bushels per acre with Dekalb variety DKC66-18RIB (conventional, non-irrigated). Coming in second place for total yield was Drew Haines of Middletown, Maryland who planted Dekalb variety DKC68-69RIB (no-till, non-irrigated) and yielded 384.83 bushels per acre. In third place nationwide was Cary Atley of Cedarville, Ohio who planted Dekalb variety DKC63-91RIB (conventional, non-irrigated) and recorded a yield of 366.32 bushels per acre.

A full list of National winners can be found here>>

A full list of state winners can be found here>>

A full list of all entries can be found here>>

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