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Which states in the Eastern U.S. lost the most farms since 2017?

All data released by USDA NASS on February 13, 2024

If you want to know which states in the Eastern U.S. lost the most farms over the past five years, we've got the numbers.

Ranking by number of farms lost between 2017 and 2022:

Tennessee           6,878 farms lost

Kentucky             6,541 farms lost

Wisconsin            6,272 farms lost

Arkansas              4,869 farms lost

Virginia                 4,230 farms lost

Pennsylvania      4,104 farms lost

Mississippi          3,698 farms lost

N. Carolina          3,601 farms lost

Alabama              3,230 farms lost

Georgia                3,175 farms lost

Florida                  2,887 farms lost

New York             2,788 farms lost

Louisiana             2,380 farms lost

S. Carolina           2,158 farms lost

Michigan              2,060 farms lost

Ohio                      1,796 farms lost

W. Virginia           835 farms lost

Maryland             The State of Maryland gained 121 farms


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