Yields of hay in TN described as "dismal"

According to the latest crop progress report from USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service, pastures and row crops in west Tennessee recently benefited from timely rains. Armyworms, however, continue to bring a devastating effect to pastures and late planted wheat, soybeans, pastures, hay fields, turf, and gardens.

Some cattle are being sold due to short hay supplies and others are already being fed hay from the lack of moisture. Yields from second and third cuttings of hay were "dismal."

The report published in early August indicates TN tomato producers are harvesting two to three weeks early because of insect pressures. Cotton, beans and corn all look good. Other activities in early August included baling hay and spraying for armyworms and other pests.

In other areas of the western Counties, corn and soybeans are showing stress at a critical time of development. In Middle Tennessee, forage producers took advantage of good condition for harvesting hay. Armyworms have

continued to be a problem in Bermuda grass and soybeans. Rain is needed in East Tennessee, as dry weather is

taking a toll on crops and cattle.

Wrapper tobacco looks "very promising."

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