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Aggregation Initiative being discussed as way to benefit WV farms; Commissioner says "we have to do what it takes to begin feeding ourselves" - WV Ag Commissioner Walt Helmick recently discussed his statewide crop aggregation initiative. “The USDA tells us that in West Virginia we consume more than $7.3 billion annually in food yet we produce significantly less than $1 billion. That’s a $6 billion opportunity for us, plain and simple."  More at our Farm News page>>
National Geographic to focus on food issues - The National Geographic Society recently announced a multiyear commitment to exploring issues relating to food security and how we create sustainable food systems. The initiative grows out of an eight-month National Geographic magazine series looking at how to feed a growing world population. "The topic of food is relevant to all of us," said one official.  More at our Farm News page>>
Grant funding hopes to help Maryland dairy farms protect the environment - A $75,000 USDA Conservation Innovation Grant may help to remove phosphorous from agricultural systems. If successful, the process would allow dairy producers to spread manure on their fields after the phosphorous has been removed. If soil has too much phosphorus, it can run off into local waterways and contribute to nutrient overload in the Chesapeake Bay. More at our Farm News page>>
Census: Virginia aquaculture sales topped $55 million last year - Virginia is home to nearly 120 commercial aquaculture operations. Among them are operations selling crustaceans (soft-shell crabs, freshwater prawns and saltwater shrimp); food fish (hybrid striped bass, catfish, tilapia and trout); oysters, clams and ornamental fish. More than half of the state’s 2013 aquaculture sales were for mollusks, divided almost evenly between clam sales and oyster sales.  More at our Farm News Page>>