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Farm Bureau backs Obama decision on Cuba - A statement from the American Farm Bureau Federation indicates the organization "strongly supports President Obama’s move toward normalized relations with Cuba. Farm Bureau has long called for a removal of trade restrictions with Cuba, and we believe expanded trade with the U.S. can serve as a cornerstone for additional reforms."  More at our Farm News page>>
Eastern farmer sets world record for corn yield - Farmers in the Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic Region had a very good year when it comes to results from the most recent National Corn Yield Contest. A farmer in Georgia set a new all-time record high yield of 503 bushels per acre. Other high marks were recorded in NC, VA, WV, TN, MD and PA. More at our Farm News page>>
​Moonshine production shifts from outlaws to entrepreneurs - Moonshine has come a long way, from the hills and hollows of Appalachia to the front and center of Virginia’s fast-growing artisanal spirits industry. According to reports, moonshine sales by Virginia’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control rose 107 percent in 2013 to more than 24,000 cases, benefiting local farmers.  More at our Farm News page>>
West Virginia accepting nominations for Agriculture and Forestry Hall of Fame - The WVAFHF is devoted to honoring individuals, businesses, organizations, institutions and foundations who have helped make this nation great through outstanding contributions to the establishment, development, advancement or improvement of the agricultural, forestry and/or family life of West Virginia.  More at our Farm News Page>>