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"On The Farm" Radio is a farm news broadcast focused on the Eastern US. To meet your needs and the needs of your listeners, we produce two-minute and three-minute programs (both commercial AND non-commercial editions) for weekdays and an eight-minute optional program for Saturdays. 

We produce programs 6 days per week, 52 weeks per year. We even cover all holidays. 


On The Farm Radio is proudly broadcast on the following stations:

Virginia - 24
WSVA AM 550      Harrisonburg, VA

WSVA FM 92.1     Harrisonburg, VA
WEVA AM 860     Emporia, VA
WAMV AM 1420   Amherst, VA
WIGO FM 104.9    White Stone, VA
WCTG FM 96.5     Chincoteague, VA

WKNV FM 94.3      Blacksburg, VA

WCHG FM 107.1    Hot Springs, VA
WVLS FM 89.7       Monterey, VA
WCBX AM 1160    Martinsville, VA

Joy FM 105.7         Virginia Beach, VA
Joy FM 102.1         Winchester, VA

WTTX FM 96.3      Charlottesville, VA
WTTX 107.1          Appomattox, VA
W243BT 96.5      Waynesboro, VA
W246CF 97.3      Lynchburg, VA

Joy FM 98.9         Front Royal, VA

Joy FM AM 940   Smithfield, VA
W263CC 100.5    Danville, VA
WODY FM 100.7   Martinsville, VA
Joy FM 94.3         Christiansburg, VA
WKNV AM 890   Blacksburg, VA

Joy AM 1330       Luray, VA

Joy FM 101.9       Bristol, VA


West Virginia - 20
WSLW AM 1310      White Sulphur Springs, WV
WHAW AM 980       Lost Creek, WV
WOTR FM 96.3       Weston, WV

WKMM FM 96.7     Kingwood, WV
WELD FM 101.7      Petersburg, WV
WWNR AM 620       Beckley, WV
WSLW FM 97.3       White Sulphur Springs, WV
WVRW FM 107.7    Glenville, WV
WELD AM 690        Moorefield, WV
WKCJ FM 97.7         Ronceverte-Lewisburg, WV

WVXS FM 104.1      Romney, WV


WFGH FM 90.7       Fort Gay, WV

WVMR AM 1370     Frost, WV
W278AL FM 103.5  Durbin, WV
WVMR FM 91.9      Hillsboro, WV
WNMP 88.5 FM      Marlinton, WV
WRSG FM 91.5      Sistersville, WV
WDMT 106.3 FM    Marlinton, WV

WVGV 89.7 FM       West Union, WV

WVGV 96.7 FM       West Milford, WV

North Carolina - 14
WATA AM 1450    Boone, NC

WPTL FM 101.7 / AM 920 Canton, NC

WFBT 106.7 - Carolina Beach, NC

WZDG 88.5 - Wilmington, NC

WPIR 88.1 - Hickory, NC
WTJY 89.5 - Asheboro, NC
WXRI 91.3 - Winston-Salem, NC
FM 91.3 - Charlotte, NC
FM 95.9 - Lexington, NC
FM 98.5 - Indian Trail, NC
FM 100.1 - Kings Mountain, NC
FM 102.3 - Sanford, NC

FM 102.9 - Burlington, NC

Joy FM 95.9 - Boone, NC

Pennsylvania - 10
WEEO FM 103.7      Chambersburg, PA
WBLF AM 970          State College, PA
WDKC FM 101.5      Covington, PA
WMGH FM 105.5     Tamaqua, PA
WLSH AM 1410        Lansford, PA
WMGW AM 1490     Meadville, PA
WFRA AM 1450        Franklin, PA
WTIV AM 1230         Titusville, PA

WIYQ FM 100.3        Saxonburg, PA
WNUZ FM 92.9        Lancaster County, PA


Tennessee - 6

WJDT  FM 106.5   Morristown, TN

WBWR AM 790     Ashland City / Nashville, TN

WBWR FM 103.9  Ashland City / Nashville, TN


JOY FM 89.9 - Kingsport, TN

JOY FM 101.9 - Bristol, TN

JOY FM 100.9 - Johnson City, TN

Maryland - 3
WAAI FM 100.9    Cambridge, MD

Joy FM 100.5   Denton, MD

Joy AM 840      Denton, MD 

Georgia - 2
WSGC FM 105.3  Elberton, GA

WAJQ FM 104.3   Alma, GA

New York - 7

WKAL AM 1450  Rome, NY

WPIG  FM 95.7   Olean, NY

WCJW FM 105.5   Batavia, NY
WCJW  AM 1150   Warsaw, NY
​WCJW  FM 100.9   Alden, NY
WCJW  FM 104.3   Avon, NY
WCJW  FM 104.9   Arcade, NY


Ohio - 1

WACC  Online streaming  Ashland County, OH

Vermont - 1

WCVR  AM 1320  Randolph, VT


Michigan - 1

WBLW  FM 88.1    Gaylord, MI

South Carolina - 1
WRFE 89.3 - Chesterfield, SC

Kentucky - 3

WKYI AM 1600  - Eminence, KY

WKYI FM 94.1 - Eminence, KY

WPAY FM 98.3  - Garrett, KY


When should the program be broadcast?

The program is targeted at listeners in the rural and agricultural community, who tend to be early risers. To effectively reach this audience, the weekday program should air between 5:00 am and 7:00 am Monday – Friday. Many of our affiliates also air the program a second time during the lunch hour offering additional sponsorship opportunity. The Saturday program should air anytime between 5:00 am and noon.

How is the program delivered?

All programs are distributed electronically via download in MP3 format. Even works with Radio Spider!

What are the terms of affiliation?

On The Farm is offered on a barter basis with market exclusivity for your primary listening area. We do not require a long-term commitment; either party can cancel with 30 days notice. We want the show to air only on stations that believe in it and are committed to promoting it.

Do you provide promo spots?

Yes. At your request, we will record a custom promo spot or bump. Tell us what you need and we deliver.

How should I use the program?

After years of experience, we’ve found most rural listeners and farmers want to know three things from a farm-oriented radio program: 1) the weather situation, 2) market prices, and 3) what is happening in the rural and agricultural community. Ask us about suggested clusters.

Can I sign up for affiliation right now?

Yes. Just e-mail us and request an affiliation agreement (or download it now). Return it to us as soon as possible.

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