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From Craun's Kitchen Meet June, Your Farm Fresh Dinner Time Concierge

With over 30 years of farm life expertise June brings us quick, easy, and farm fresh recipes!

Growing up in Bridgewater, VA, June had plenty of oppurtunities to experience agriculture first hand. As a child, her family grew most of their own food and processed much of their own meat. June grew up experiencing true down home cooking in a cast iron skillet. June's expertise in developing farm fresh meals came at a young age. She attended James Madison University where she majored in Dietitics and obtained her Master's Degree in Food and Nutrition from Virginia Tech. Returning home to the Shenandoah Valley, June began a career as a professor in nutrition, wellness, kitchen design, and international foods at both James Madison University and Bridgewater College. Over the past 30 years, June has had a successful career, raised a family, and continues to have a passion for healthy, hearty meals produced on the farm. On The Farm Radio proudly welcomes...

June Craun, RD M.S.

Summer in the Mid-Atlantic

Spring and summer brings new growth and the availability of fresh local produce. Check your local farmers market for lettuces and other greens such as spinach. Rhubarb, beets, asparagus, and spring onions are also available. Try to incorporate these into your daily meals. Greens can be made into various salads and even used in a variety of casseroles or stir fries.  Fresh baby beets are delicious just cooked and sliced with salt, pepper, and butter.  There are many uses for the versatile asparagus. If you have never tried rhubarb, try one of the many recipes that can be found in cook books. It is an excellent source of vitamin C.  Also, check out many of the wild edible greens such as dandelions and cress. There are several recipes for spring produce on the web site. Watch for additional recipes for local produce over the next several weeks.

Enjoy and eat well.



Dandelion Salad

Turning weeds tasty!

Get creative and turn weeds into a salad that your whole family will enjoy. Start with fresh young dandelions and soon you have something farm fresh and traditional.


Quick & Easy Fresh Lettuce Salad
Take time to eat not cook!

So often we overlook how simple it can be to eat fresh and live clean. It takes very little effort to make a salad that will make your family happy and your wallet plump!

Delicious Buttered Beets
Something different to try!

Are you and your family sick of the "same ol' same?" Try something different and traditional! Buttered beets are nutritious and delicious - oh and easy to prepare!


Spinach & Cheese Casserole
Hide the veggies from the kids!

It's true ok, kids just don't like spinach! But the value of spinach is in the minerals and vitamins packed into each little leaf. So hide that leafy goodness in some cheese! Make it kid friendly!

Rhubarb Crunch
Sweet and sour in harmony!

A shot to the taste buds will finish up your local meal with this sweet treat! The sweet warmth of brown sugar and the acidic tang of rhubarb makes this a locally sourced treat at your table.


Strawberry Rhubarb Salad's salad, for dessert!

This isn't your average salad! What do you get when fresh strawberries, pinapple, and rhubarb combine? A sweet treat that the whole family can enjoy...with less calories!

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