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Programs listed below are for exclusive broadcast by:

Eastern U.S. Region Affiliated Non-Commercial Radio Stations


Notice: Individuals may listen and download these files for personal use at anytime with no charge. These audio files contain copyrighted material and may be broadcast only by our affiliated radio stations. To learn how your station can become an affiliate of "On the Farm" Radio, contact us directly. There is no cost to become an affiliate. Contact us now.

WCHG FM 107.1     Hot Springs, VA

WVLS FM 89.7       Monterey, VA

WVMR AM 1370     Frost, WV

W278AL FM 103.5  Durbin, WV

WLRI FM 92.9      Lancaster County, PA

WVMR FM 91.9    Hillsboro, WV

​WBLW FM 88.1    Gaylord, MI

WVGV FM 89.7 West Union, WV

WVGV FM 96.7 West Milford, WV

WNMP 88.5 FM Marlinton, WV

WRSG FM 91.5 Sistersville, WV

NOTE: "IFGA" is the "Ish's Farm and Garden Almanac"

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