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Farmers in NY State set new record for wheat yield

Albany, NY - New York wheat and barley production were up for 2023, according to USDA reports.

The majority of winter wheat is grown in western NY with Livingston, Monroe,

and Genesee as the top 3 producing counties.

New York winter wheat production totaled 9.72 million bushels in 2023, up 35% from the 2022 total of 7.2 million, according to Charles Walker, state statistician of USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, New York Field Office. Area harvested for grain, at 120 thousand acres, was up 20 thousand acres from last year. Yield was estimated at a record high 81 bushels per acre, up 9.0 bushels from the previous year.

New York oat production was estimated at 2.64 million bushels in 2023. Yield was estimated at 60 bushels per acre, up from last year. Harvested area was 44 thousand acres for 2023.

Barley production was estimated at 325 thousand bushels, up 20 thousand bushels from 2022. The average yield, at a record high 65.0 bushels per acre, was up 4.0 bushels per acre from the previous year. Producers seeded a record low 9 thousand acres and harvested 5 thousand acres, both unchanged from 2022.


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